All Shannon Munro jewellery is meticulously handcrafted, making each piece one of a kind, with differences and characteristics seen throughout the jewellery. There will be variances seen in the inclusions of the metal, finishing, shape, markings on the surface, colour variance, exposure of unpolished metal and minor flaws. These differences add to the beauty and nature of Shannon Munro jewellery - leaving the piece with signatures special to the wearer. Please note that products will slightly differ from those seen on the site. 

To love and care for your jewellery, wear it often as it is the best way to care for silver. Shannon Munro creates her jewellery to last over time and with time have the nature of your wear add to it's character and story. To care for your jewellery make sure to avoid contact with cleaning products, chlorine, perfume, body lotion and exposure to water from shower or swimming. To return your piece to it's original lustre and finish, use a lint free cloth and gently rub to remove any tarnish, alternatively take to a local jeweller to have cleaned by an ultrasonic cleaner, or by a steam.

After wear, please store jewellery in a safe, dry place that is out of direct light, free from moisture and away from heat. To avoid scratching and rubbing from contact with other jewels, please store each piece separately. 

We hope that you fall in love with these unique differences and the beauty added to the natural aging of your piece.