Somebody pinch me it's here! It is with great joy I launch my website and brand today. I can't say how long it really has been that I've worked toward this endeavour, but I can say it feels like a dream I wished upon many times. The timing of being able to do something I love came about in a very funny way but it seems that the stars are aligned and I can't express how grateful and ready I am to start this adventure. Although some dreams come true by wishing on stars, this one has been granted by the amazing support of loved ones and many creative hands. 

One of my first and wisest decisions in this process was to hire the wonderful talent of Hurst & Brown. Talk about a lovely fit! I feel like patting myself on the back for pairing up with these two. Each vision I expressed for my 2015 lookbook was realized almost effortlessly by Tara Hurst and her partner in crime, photographer Kelly Brown. This website was shaped so beautifully by their appreciation for a subtle and natural focus. Both women spoke my language and I couldn't be happier with the outcome and the opportunity to work with such a team. 

Those that know me know that I have a growing love affair with Victoria. It's been nearly four years since I've called this city my home and my butterflies are still fluttering around my heart daily. With great love comes many gifts and in this love affair I've found Victoria's community to be a gift. Truly I am taken back by the astounding support not only from my family and friends but from our local businesses. The belief and support in this little budding designer has my gratitude caught like a lump in my throat. My heart gives great thanks to the amazing florals provided by Rook & Rose and the beautiful dresses lent by Duchess & Duke for the contribution to the 2015 lookbook shoot. I am so inspired by the incredible talent, generosity and kindness of all the beautiful women I have been so lucky to work with. Thank you so very much to all of you. 

Since I was very young I've always needed and wanted to touch others hearts. I hope to do this with the jewellery I create. My love for romance and the many stories told in life, my own and others can be seen throughout the jewellery and collections I create. I hope you find the magic in these pieces as I do in creating them.

Shannon Munro