Throughout the Shannon Munro 2016 collection is a heartfelt nod to glamour, romance and old world style. Glimpses of era's past intermingle with the modern metropolis for a series of enchanting, wearable pieces. Grounded in inspiration from her home in the free spirited Pacific Northwest Munro handcrafts each ring, bracelet, earring and necklace surrounded by the beauty of Vancouver Island. Whether you want to be swept away to a Polynesian beach, day dream in the meadow or sip espresso in Manhattan, the 2016 Collection will take you there. 

Metropolis necklace, andromeda bracelet, anromeda ring, andromeda stacker 

Andromeda Ring, Andromeda stacker, 

metropolis earrings 

Andromeda bracelet, andromeda stackers, charmer ring

Metropolis earrings, andromeda bracelet, andromeda stacker, charmer ring 

sovereign necklace, sovereign ring, lottie ring

sovereign necklace, andromeda ring, lottie ring 

sovereign ring, lottie ring, andromeda stacker 

sovereign earrings, sovereign ring, lottie ring

sovereign earrings

andromeda stackers, arcadia necklace 

Charmer ring, arcadia necklace 

arcadia earrings 

PHOTOGRAPHY l Georgia Johnston

MODEL l Ava Appleby